Alan Walker – On My Way (Violin Electric Cover)

Actually this is my first published video of music popular cover. In this chance I covered “On My Way” of Alan Walker with a electric violin. This is very great experience because in this video Im in a colaboration with great Dancer namely “Sekar Ayu Os”, a dancer from Institut of The Art Yogyakarta. She is a creator of so many dancing creation that have performed in several events in Indonesia. Hope you enjoy it.

This video recorded in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta by mister @dhisga and @ugi. The room I used is the gallery, fortunately, on the day we take this video, there was not exhibition. See on this link, Please View, comment, share, and subscribe.

The violin I used is a Paxton Garuda series the handmake of Mr. Danu who is also great electric violin too. You can visit his violin model in instagram @paxtonviolin.

The music and mixing-mastering proses have done well by @putogeela who is the soundengineer of RCTI which is most popular television in Indonesia. He also compose some EDM music for many purpose.

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